Monday, March 23, 2009

How Do You Like Your Nuggets Served?

I've been receiving some requests lately regarding delivery of my weekly LabVIEW nuggets...some people want emails, some want RSS feeds, and some want a static document they can search. I hope the following solutions will satisfy all your varying nugget appetites:
  • Email - To receive an email notification when I post a new nugget, visit the Darren's weekly nugget thread on the NI Forums. Assuming you are logged in with your NI Forums ID, you can click the Thread Options button and choose Add this Thread to my Subscriptions. Note that other NI Forums users will occasionally post nuggetish links to this thread, but most of the time, it's me posting links to my weekly nuggets.
  • RSS - I created a weekly nugget blog on the NI Community website. The feed URL for this blog is here, so if you subscribe, you'll get notified in your favorite RSS reader whenever I post a new nugget.
  • Static Page - I also created a static document on the NI Community website that contains links to all my nuggets, and a short description of each nugget. You can use this page if you want to search to see what topics I've posted nuggets about throughout the years.
Is there another nugget distribution mechanism you would prefer? Let me know.

1 comment:

  1. You know what my answer is going to be: RSS! This will also make it easier for me to promote your nuggets on our outbound marketing stuff.