Friday, July 23, 2010

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Decide on NI Week 2010?

If you haven't registered for NI Week 2010 yet, here's a few reasons why you should:
  1. There are three days full of great technical presentations. These are the ones I want to see (including some I'll be presenting). Christina has a list, too.
  2. Lots of LabVIEW programmers will be gunning for me in the LabVIEW Coding Challenge. Maybe *you* can beat my 2-year win streak? ;)
  3. The Tuesday night LAVA/OpenG BBQ!
  4. The Wednesday night conference party!
  5. The fact that, since you're reading this blog, you can use the social media discount code "social2010" when you register for NI Week 2010 to get a discount.
And if the written word isn't enough to convince you, check out my blogger spotlight video on the NI Community page.

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