Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LabVIEW Coding Challenge - December 2011

It's time for another LabVIEW Coding Challenge! Man, I wish I could be a contestant in these. :) Anyway, this year, there are two separate challenges:

Problem Solving
You will submit a VI that solves a specific challenge as described in a given problem statement. The submissions will be judged based on whether the answer was correct as well as execution time of the VI. The winning entry will solve the problem correctly with the shortest execution time.

User Interface
You will be presented with a block diagram and a Front Panel with a few basic controls on it. The challenge will be to enhance the Front Panel to make it both functional and descriptive as a User Interface. The goal is to be creative, but also keep in mind usability in your design. The winning entry will be chosen based on the number of likes (not downloads) it receives.

Dates and Deadlines
Dec 1: Challenge descriptions become available
Dec 19: Submissions accepted and voting for User Interface Challenge begins
January 11: Deadline for submissions
January 13: Voting ends and winners announced

Go to the LabVIEW Coding Challenge Community Group to learn more.  Good luck everybody!

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