Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Code Madness: The LabVIEW Example Program Challenge 2011

(What a funny coincidence that my last two LabVIEW blog posts had a college basketball-themed title. And I'm not even into college basketball. Although I guess as good as the Longhorns are doing this season, I probably should be...)

The latest LabVIEW coding contest on the NI Community has begun. Enter the LabVIEW Example Program Challenge 2011 today for your chance to win an XBox, Amazon gift cards, and other prizes. In this contest, example submissions will initially compete with one another in a qualifying round (taking place now until March 6th), with downloads, "likes", and ratings all contributing to each submissions's ranking. The top 16 submissions will then move on to a tournament-style coding competition (taking place from March 8th to April 4th), with a bracket system being used to match up winners for the rounds of 16, 8, 4, and 2, until the winner is decided in the final round.

To learn more about the Code Madness Program Challenge, visit Begin submitting code today!