Thursday, February 5, 2015

Announcing My Retirement as the World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer

After winning the title of the World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer at NI Week 2008 through 2014, and being challenged at additional venues along the way (I'm looking at you, Copenhagen!), I have decided to retire from the competition and allow someone new to claim the title at NI Week 2015. It feels right to go out on top with an undefeated record.

I've really enjoyed defending the title all these years, particularly because of how much it has allowed me to advance the use of Quick Drop to increase LabVIEW developer efficiency. I'm confident that whoever wins the NI Week 2015 competition will be a Quick Drop user.

Thanks to all of my opponents over the years for being such good sports, and good luck to whoever ends up competing for the title this year.