Monday, January 19, 2009

My Weekly Nuggets are Back!

I decided to start writing weekly nuggets again. Check out the first 2009 nugget here. Enjoy!

Edit: A little background on my weekly nuggets. Back in January 2006 I decided to start posting a LabVIEW tip or trick every week on the NI Discussion Forums...this was the first installment. I kept it up for about a year, then announced my retirement, since it was getting pretty hard to come up with a new tip every week for 52 straight weeks. Anyway, after I found out that people were bummed that my nuggets stopped, I started posting "occasional" nuggets...much less frequently than weekly. Now that it's 2009, I decided that, to celebrate my 10-year anniversary at NI, I'd start posting weekly nuggets again. Let's see how long I can keep it going!


  1. Hey, that was a perfectly good blog post that was wasted by just linking to something else. Lame.

  2. Do you have a better suggestion as to how I could have notified readers of my blog that I'm doing nuggets again? Not being the blogging veteran that you are, I'm open to any wisdom you'd care to impart.

  3. Ok, I posted some back story on the nuggets. Hopefully not as lame now. :)